Geological Services

Count on Eagle Environmental for expertly executed Geological Services.

At Eagle Environmental, our team of hydrogeology experts includes geologists, toxicologists and civil engineers, with extensive experience in assisting clients from government industry in issues related to soil and groundwater quality investigations, risk assessments, waste permitting and water resources assessments. We are proud of the fact that our team includes Professional Geologists and Professional Engineers licensed in Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas.

Eagle Environmental’s range of Geological Services includes:

  • Ready for Re-Use determinations, voluntary clean-up programs, and Brownfield
  • Solid waste facility permitting and groundwater monitoring program development
  • RCRA corrective action
  • Risk-based corrective action
  • Water resources and hydrogeologic assessments
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Oil and gas services
  • Energy generation and transmission services

Our team works hard to understand the unique needs of your specific site and to meet your objectives by incorporating the latest technology into the solutions we devise and implement for you.