CCR Rule Assistance

Get expert advise on adhering to the CCR rule.

Eagle Environmental has extensive experience in assisting our clients at coal fired electrical utilities in solid waste facility design, permitting, beneficial re-use for coal combustion wastes (CCW), and groundwater monitoring. Eagle has also assisted numerous clients with Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) management at other waste facilities.

These services can be provided for facilities now subject to the final Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) Rule [here], as released by the EPA in April 2015. The CCR Rule will significantly impact waste management decisions for the disposition of CCW and coal combustion by-products (CCB). EPA’s CCR rule regulates CCR under Subtitle D (solid waste regulations) of RCRA. The CCR Rule has stringent location restrictions, liner requirements, and groundwater monitoring requirements that could potentially lead to closure of many CCR landfills and surface impoundments. The CCR Rule also includes provisions to manage CCB that are beneficially re-used under Subtitle D. This hybrid approach to regulating the by-products of coal combustion will definitely impact your facility’s disposal and recycling practices.

Eagle takes pride in providing innovative, cost-saving solutions while assisting companies in achieving and maintaining compliance. With your local state-based regulatory requirements still in place, the EPA’s CCR Rule will only add to your compliance and reporting burden. Eagle can assist you with these tasks and prepare the type of electronic documentation that will be needed to comply with the CCR Rule’s requirements for making compliance information publicly available on your company’s web site. We will continue to monitor future developments and implementation of these regulations as they pertain to facilities similar to yours.