Fugitive Monitoring

Turn to Eagle Environmental for comprehensive Fugitive Monitoring services.

Leaks from chemical plants and refineries of raw materials, intermediates and products can post environmental and safety hazards, and ultimately amount to lost revenue for your company. Where required, federal and state regulations require that Leak Detection and Repair services are conducted on a regular basis, and that equipment is also repaired as necessary to minimize the impact of leaks on the environment. But even where not required, Leak Detection and Repair makes good business sense.

Detecting leaks and maintaining a component list can quickly become very complex and involved; components to be monitored require identification and tagging, and a database is employed to organize the components and develop monitoring runs. Technicians also need to be trained according to Method 21, the federal standard protocol for monitoring. You can take care of all these requirements by partnering with Eagle Environmental to handle Fugitive Monitoring for you.

Eagle Environmental has been providing LDAR services to numerous clients throughout the Gulf Coast for years, and has decades of combined experience in dealing with the issues that come with fugitive emission compliance. We provide a turnkey Leak Detection and Repair service from the initial identification and tagging of equipment, to establishing a database and undertaking monitoring, and recordkeeping, reporting and leak management. Our staff have extensive knowledge of federal regulatory programs; our in-house maintenance shop repairs and certifies the equipment used for monitoring, and we are also available for unannounced agency inspections and internal audits.

Eagle Environmental works hard to understand the unique needs of your work site, and to meet your objectives by incorporating the latest technology, including state-of-the-art data logging capability. Monitoring is typically performed using the Thermo TVA-1000B, still the industry standard monitoring instrument, as well as specialist equipment for specific compounds. Data management is performed using licensed databases or our own custom-designed Eagle Environmental database.