Environmental Site Assessments

Our assessments help you do the job properly.

Our full service capabilities mean we can provide comprehensive environmental site assessments, to give you the full picture of your facility’s compliance with regulations and best practice, and to identify corrective actions where required. Eagle Environmental can assist with Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, Wetland Determinations, Delineations and Permitting, and National Environmental Policy Act Compliance Assessments.

Eagle Environmental executes Phase I Environmental Site Assessments in accordance with the American Society for Testing Materials Standard E-1527-23, with the purpose of identifying any presence or likely presence of hazardous substances or products on your property or others nearby, which could indicate a present or past release of hazardous material into the property’s structures, soil or groundwater.

In undertaking a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, we carry out a review of records covering the historical development of the site, followed by a site reconnaissance visit to identify structures, site development, draining patterns and other elements of the property which could indicate the presence of hazardous materials. Our specialists then conduct interviews with current and previous property owners and other relevant individuals, before preparing a comprehensive report documenting any potential hazardous materials that have been identified, and any recommendations for further investigation.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments are conducted to evaluate any likely presence of hazardous substances as identified by the Phase I assessment. At this stage, soil and groundwater investigations are typically undertaken. Eagle Environmental professionals evaluate the data quality objectives for the assessment in line with State Corrective Action and Risk Assessment Programs. If the assessment reveals that groundwater and soil media have been affected by hazardous materials, our geologists and engineers are on hand to assist with follow-up corrective action.

We are experienced in conducting Wetlands Determinations and Delineations, which require extensive working knowledge of wetland vegetation, hydric soils and wetland hydrology. Field experience is critical to ensure that the most accurate and appropriate wetlands boundaries are established – and that’s what you can count on from Eagle Environmental. We have conducted determinations and delineations in a variety of wetland habitats, and we use the latest scientific techniques and approaches to provide you with the most efficient methodology possible.

The team of environmental professionals at Eagle Environmental has substantial experience in the completion of National Environmental Policy Act documents, which are required for all projects on federal land and those with federal funding. We can assist clients with the Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements necessary to meet National Environmental Policy Act requirements.