AQ Mesh

Delivered by Eagle Environmental Services

The world of slow, complex, and expensive ambient air monitoring is going away.  Today, you need a proven ambient air monitoring solution that is easy to install and provides greater monitoring flexibility all while fitting within ever contracting budgets.

AQ Mesh, delivered by Eagle Environmental Services, gives your company secure, near realtime acccess to rich air quality data.  With configurable alerting, you will know immediately of petntially unsafe and costly emissions. 

AQMesh can be specified to monitor a single gas or up to 6 gases, as well as PM, noise and wind speed & direction all from a single unit.

  • Measures gases NO, NO2, O3, CO, SO2 and H2S using the latest generation of electrochemical sensors
  • CO2 monitoring with a NDIR sensor
  • Measures particulates PM1, PM2.5, PM10, TPC and TSP (up to 30 microns) with a light-scattering optical particle counter
  • Noise monitoring with an omnidirectional microphone
  • Meteorological sensor for wind speed and direction measurement
    Measures relative humidity, pod temperature, atmospheric pressure as standard

AQMesh offers a range of power supply options depending upon your monitoring requirements.

The smart solar pack is the most popular choice, offering autonomous continuous power all year round.

Internal lithium batteries are useful for pods monitoring gases only.